Creation of moodle platforms!

You want to offer online learning courses to your employees? Then the world's leading moodle learning platform is exactly what you need!

What is moodle?

moodle is an OpenSource project for online learning, which with its out-of-the-box functionality is unparalleled worldwide. In addition, moodle can be extended almost arbitrarily by numerous plugins, so that web projects of almost any size and functional configuration can be implemented. Since many websites are defined by their own unique web design, moodle can be visually modified by a large number of themes/design templates. In case no ready-made extensions or designs can be found, moodle can also be customized by developing components or designs yourself.

What does moodle cost?

moodle is continuously developed by moodle HQ in Australia. In addition, there is a very large worldwide community that participates in the further development. All in all, this guarantees that moodle is always up to date with the latest technical developments and that security aspects are always taken into account. The best part for you: The moodle core is completely free of charge. Only commercial extensions, if necessary, may incur costs.

What does PeMaSoft offer?

  • We create your own moodle based learning platform, according to your needs.
  • We migrate old moodle platforms into a new, more modernized moodle platform.
  • We program adaptations of existing extensions or create completely new extensions to achieve the best possible fit of the platform to your needs!
  • We train you in the use of moodle, so that you can do the actually expensive day-to-day work on the platform, populating it with new content etc., on your own.

What PeMaSoft does not offer:

PeMaSoft does not take over the editorial support of the moodle platform. However, we will be happy to provide you with advice and support at any time, so that you can maintain your content independently. This is in your interest. Because this significantly reduces the costs for your learning platform! Translated with (free version)