Easy Parallax Video

PeMaSoft Easy Parallax Video is a Joomla! Module that displays parallax effect videos.

System Requirements

  • Joomla! 3.x
  • > PHP 5.5

Download PeMaSoft Easy Parallax Video LITE

Download here.

Configuration Options

Lite Pro
individual headline
Main Video
Replacement Video (e.g. different Format)
Replacement picture (if no video can be displayed)
Video height in pixels
Video height mobile in pixels
Video height tablet in pixels
Scroll speed
Heading - font color
Heading - background
Headline - background transparency
Fix heading
Heading - distance from above
Video - activate sound
Video - disable autoplay
Video - Activate Infinite Loop
Disable video controls
Video - Position control element
New Functions limited
free unique 5€


Upload videos and substitute pictures

During installation, a new folder called "PeMaSoft_EasyParallaxVideo" has been created in the "images" folder, which you can manage via "Content -> Media".

In this folder, all videos and substitute images must be uploaded.

At Joomla! By default, uploading videos is blocked. You can change this setting anyhow. Proceed as follows:

  • System -> Configuration -> Media (left column
  • Enter the desired video / file format in the field "Allowed file types".

Alternatively, you can also upload the videos using an FTP program (such as FileZilla).

Video Selection

  1. Now create a new module (Extensions -> Modules -> New)
  2. Select "Content - PeMaSoft Easy Parallax Video" from the list of modules
  3. Now configure the module by entering a headline, selecting videos and a replacement image etc.

Please note that the videos should not be too big for the user experience! C.a 2MB have proven suitable at today's bandwidths.